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For more than 75 years, Weldon Tool Company has been known throughout the world for its high standards and innovations.

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Weldon contributions to the cutting tool industry are well-documented. And its history is filled with pioneering breakthroughs such as the Weldon® shank, Crest-Kut® - the first roughing/finishing end mill, and the patented Ski-Carb® solid-carbide end mill.

Today, Premium 8% Cobalt end mills are Weldon's specialty - high quality tools for close tolerance work.
Hole Saws and Arbors

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Weldon is also well-known for its Ski-Carb® and Ski-Kut® end mill lines, both of which are based on proven tool geometry.

This allows those who mill aluminum to operate their equipment at full capacity, increasing production rates and lowering production costs.

In addition, Weldon offers a full line of Bulldog® roughers, countersinks, and counterbores.


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